Christian Science nurses, having a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, support spiritual healing while caring for human needs. Such assistance may include:

  • Reading aloud the Bible, Mrs. Eddy's writings and Christian Science literature
  • Telephone consultation
  • Mother and infant care
  • Practitioner contact if the patient is unable to do so
  • Cleaning and bandaging wounds
  • Mobility assistance
  • Personal and bed care, such as assisting with baths, shampoos, oral care, toileting and nail care
  • Teaching simple, practical ways to care for oneself or a family member including special food preparation
  • Assistance in arranging further care when appropriate, such as a private duty Christian Science nurse or a stay in a facility
  • Emergency care
Who can use the services of the Christian Science Nurse?
Residents and visitors in Southwest Florida who are relying on prayer in Christian Science for healing, with the help of a Christian Science Practitioner.